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Sensation of flying on the Parangtritis Beach PDF Print E-mail
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Fly with paragliding is an activity that caused a sensation in itself, can enjoy the natural beauty from the altitude and fly like a bird, Parangtritis is one of the many beaches in Indonesia, which has its own beauty and mythology, but for lovers of paragliding, Parangtritis is a gift from God that must be on the watch enjoy and sustainability.

The view that the long coastline and high cliffs is a remarkable sight even more when we enjoy it from the air, with the condition of wind speed around 15-20 km / hour and the west wind direction is the ideal conditions for paragliding flight.

Location flew there on the south coast of Central Java Jogjakarta Parangtritis, with the distance of about 40 minutes from the airport and city of Jogjakarta. With a height difference of about 250 meters above sea level, amazing landscapes, with a stretch of high cliffs on the coast we could see a long coastline. (Didit Majalolo)

.Didit Majalolo